Going on vacation? Take your dog with you!



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June, 28 2013



Summer has come and no doubt it’s the hottest period of the year to go on vacation. Indeed, why to sit at home when beautiful nature, exotic islands and mountains with snow-covered peaks are calling? Of course, your choice of place depends completely upon your preferences. However, being a responsible dog owner, you also think how to make vacation comfortable for your dog as well. 
We aren’t going to overload you with dozens of advices, because you know your pet better and can consider his own peculiarities. Besides, there are many different situations and it’s impossible to describe them all in one letter. However, we are sure that you will agree to learn several useful recommendations concerning transportation of your dog and his adaptation.
For example, it’s recommended not to feed your pet before travelling by car, because the consequences may be unpredictable and, it should be mentioned, not very pleasant for you and your car. I’m sure you will find many other pieces of advice concerning this topic.
So, packing your glasses and swimming trunks or snowboard and skis, don’t forget to equip yourself with valuable advices to make every vacation the best for your precious pet!

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