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October 28, 2013

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Today I would like to talk about special time for every puppy. It’s the period when his milk teeth are being replaced by permanent ones. Why this information may be useful for you if your dog became adult long ago? Well, in case your pet have a bit wrong bite you will most likely find the reason to it, or if you will ever become an owner of fluffy puppy you will be 100% sure what to do and not to do during this period. 
So, exfoliation time is a very important period for every dog. It usually starts when your pet is 3 months old and continues till he is 10 months. During this time you may notice some changes in his behavior, but don’t worry, your precious dog still loves you and wants to be close to you. He just needs some time to get used to “the process of growing up”. And of course he needs you even more at that moment. However, remember that you have to be careful and adjust to the puppy’s mood. Please, watch over the stance of the milk teeth and help your doggie to get rid of them if necessary.
Have you ever thought that these couple of months are so important and your dog may need special care? Indeed, puppies need a lot of care, but the reward will be great, dear dog owner!

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