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Adjustable comfort dog harness. Fits puppies and breeds similar to Toy Poodles, Chihuahuas, etc.

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leather small dog harness for small breeds

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This works well for puppies, I used it with mine. Also use it for the older dogs when they are going special places. Adjustable and fairly durable.
Typies of Adjustable Dog Harnesses
1.Comfort Wrap Adjustable Harnesses
2.Petmate Signature by Aspen Pet 1" Adjustable Dog Harness in Black:
Large black, adjustable from 18"-36" length fray resistant, soft, comfortable nylon adjustable harness. Tough plastic and stylish metal buckle on the chest strap that quickly clicks shut and stays put. Built-in slides on both the neck and chest straps for fast adjustment on a squirmy pet.
3.Lupine Adjustable Dog Harness:
The Lupine Adjustable Harness is a very secure harness for walking medium to large dogs. These 3/4" and 1" width harnesses for larger dogs have adjustable shoulder straps and an extra long sternum strap to fit a wide range of body types. Welded steel D- and O-rings and a heavy duty side-release clasp on the adjustable girth.
Available in a range of girth sizes - to find the the best size range for your pet, measure around the ribcage, just behind the front legs, then add 5-10% extra for comfort - and a range of colours and patterns to suit any dog.
Lupine is well known for its exceptional quality and offer a lifetime guarantee.

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