Types of dog's constitution. What type does your pet belong to?



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August 13, 2013
Have you ever heard that “First impressions are half the battle”? Sure, the saying mostly concerns humans, however it may be applied to dogs as well. Nobody doubts that a pet is your “pretty little boy or girl”, you adore him and do everything for your dog to look great. Did you know that there are 5 types of dog’s constitution? Who knows may be your furry friend has exhibition constitution and you even aren’t aware of it?
It won’t be difficult for you to determine  what type your dog belongs to, because nobody knows your pet as good as you do. Of course, general characteristics differ for male and female dogs. Females usually aren’t so strong and massive as males. But does it mean they can’t be perfect guards? Not at all! Vice verse, they are easily trained and will serve you faithfully. So, if you feel that your dog spends a lot of time couching on your favourite sofa, may be it’s time to involve him in training or other interesting activities?
Let’s prove that the strong character of your four-legged friend corresponds with his gorgeous appearance! 
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