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May, 29 2013

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We always care about comfort of our pets. We buy them soft dog beds for our fluffy friends to sleep tight and have the sweetest dreams. We choose best food for them to be healthy and we entertain them with any possible balls, bite tugs and somethimes anything within reach.
Fortunately, nowadays there is a wide range of dog equipment. And considering that walking is probably the most important part of the dog’s day, we are eager to make it comfortable and pleasant for our “four-footed” friend as well. Most people are used to put collars on the dog’s neck before going for a walk. But what if you find out that there is something extremely convenient for your pet? Of course, you already know that we are talking about harness.
We are happy to welcome you in our webstore, where almost all possible types of harnesses are waiting to be put on your beloved pet. Visit and choose! 

best dog harness to stop pulling


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No-Pulling Ultrasonic Device

Anti-pulling device

Anti-Pull Ultrasonic Dog Training Device

This Stop-Pulling device is a professional solution for a life-long Dog-Master communication problem - a learn-to-obey remedy for your beloved friend. Pulling is a known problem of dog owners whose friends tend to share their longing for impressions with their Masters. 

Light Weight Leather Harness 

puppy designer harness


Royal Style Leather Harness for Small Dogs

Regardless of your dog’s present accomplishments in tracking work, and considering his present needs as an active and beloved member of the family, you just cannot but take a precise look at the qualities of this Royal Style Nappa Padded Leather Harness for small dogs!



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