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September 30, 2013

Dogs adore toys. The statement especially concerns puppies, who can play the whole day with their balls, stuffed animals, artificial bones and other toys. If your dog lives in the house, he probably keeps all his toys on his place. The rug is a favourite place for many pets. It’s like their own little “safe world” where they feel protected and calm.


Purchase of dog toys is a good way out to safe your furniture or shoes from dog’s teeth. In case the dog likes shoes he will likely be happy with new rubber ball. If you’ve noticed that your canine likes wooden things you may even get him a real stick ;) We are sure that you are eager to do everything for the pet to be happy, so please keep an eye over your pet and get him kind of toy he really needs. Unfortunately, dogs can’t talk. However, they can make a hint ;)

Your dog will be under uncompromising control while training. - Not only hardware and leather are proved not to fail during heavy duty work. - There is a special be-in-control handle that allows you to control your pet’s actions in a better way and helps to resume control over your dog on a split second impulse! Great for training, this harness is a stylish and reliable gear for your dog’s walking!

Anti-Pull Ultrasonic Dog Training Device

Our new device is a comfy “translator” to the  efficiently audible language of ultrasounds. Each time your dog starts pulling the device emits ultrasonic sound unpleasant for a dog’s ear. As the action repeats a dog starts to associate disobedience to your commands with the discomfort caused by the sound and becomes more patient and obedient.

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